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A Primer on Effective Leadership

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Publisher: AP Foundation Press (2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 1892236141





Other Material in the Works

To promote effective relationships, we are composing a book on premarital considerations based upon research, observation and 21 years of effective marriage partnering.

To promote effective parenting, we are writing a book that provides parents with proven insights on child rearing and communication..

Revised Edition of The 7 Leadership Imperatives

The revised edition of The 7 Leadership Imperatives from a Wild Man will be released by the Judson Press (www.judsonpress.com) in the Spring of 2008. If you wish to receive notification please send me an email and we will add you to the list. ( Email Me: JRobin2009@aol.com )

Universal Relevance

Many organization, particularly churches are not financially able to train all leadership tiers and so the purpose for writing the book was to provide a primer, that could be used to infuse leadership skills into their staff at a reasonable cost. Even though the book’s primary audience is the church, the principles embodied in these seven leadership imperatives are transferable and applicable to all sectors: private, government, civic, community

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