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Available March 2008

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Author: Joseph Robinson, Jr.
Forward by: Cleophus J. LaRue

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Joseph and Edna Robinson

The author and his wife Edna sharing a special momement at a recent book signing at The Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Harrisburg, Pa.

Universal Relevance

Many organization, particularly churches are not financially able to train all leadership tiers and so the purpose for writing the book was to provide a primer, that could be used to provide a framework for leadership. Even though the book’s primary audience is the church, the principles embodied in these seven leadership imperatives have been transferred and applied to all sectors: private, government, civic, community

Robinson New Book offers the reader:

• Seven distinct leadership imperatives: be sure, be focused, be humble, be discerning, be complementary, be uncompromising, and be encouraged

• A look at these characteristics in today’s leaders, from Mother Teresa to Michael Jordan, from Pastor Tony Evans to Coach Tony Dungy—as well as characters from movies such as Mr. Holland’s Opus, In the Heat of the Night, and Coming to America

Other Material in the Works

To promote effective relationships, we are composing a book on premarital considerations based upon research, observation and 21 years of effective marriage partnering.

To promote effective parenting, we are writing a book that provides parents with proven insights on child rearing and communication..

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