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Joseph Robinson, Jr. is an ordained Deacon of the Baptist Church since 1986, becoming the youngest layperson in his local church's history selected for this position.

He has spoken for various congregations on special emphasis days and chaired several church-wide events. He was selected to serve as his local church's Director of Ministries.

He authored "7 Leadership Imperatives from a Wild Man: John the Baptist Speaks". After serving for 26 years as a senior manager with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation he has elected to follow his passion to inspire others to become an effective leader.

Dr. J Alfred Smith
Allen Temple Baptist Church, Oakland, Ca

Joseph Robinson, Jr. is available for

  • Special Emphasis Services
  • Opening or Closing Keynoter
  • Community wide Events
  • Youth Recognition Events
  • Multicultural Events

Topics Include:

Borrowing from the principles contained in his book 7 Leadership Imperatives from a Wild Man, Joe powerfully defines effective servant leadership through the use of Biblical scripture, humorous anecdotes, poignant stories, and modern-day examples.

Using Biblical scripture Joe explores the human tendency to cry foul when life throws a curve ball.

Joe examines the Biblical text and provides a response to the question that has persisted through the ages: What Shall We Do with This Man Jesus?

Drawing upon the example left in the Biblical Record, Joe addresses the question all have asked since Moses frustrating appeal to Divinity during his desert journey.

What Participants are saying:

"Mr. Robinson's presentation to our men was qualitative, noteworthy, deliberate, organized and full of enthusiasm. Our men were attentive, inquisitive and full of excitement and enthusiasm."

Rev. Dr. Bernie H. Manning, Pastor
Saint John Missionary Baptist Church
Reading, PA

"Joseph Robinson mesmerized our church leaders with his engaging, humorous and insightful delivery. It was the fastest 4 hour workshop I've attended for quite awhile. Our leaders left recharged and enthusiastic about their assigned roles of leadership. Your congregation needs to hear Joe!"

Evan D. Young, D. Min.
Pastor, Livings Springs Christian Fellowship
Bowie, Md.

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