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Praise for:
7 Leadership Imperatives from a Wild Man:
John the Baptist Speaks

aRev. Charles R. Meile, Jr.
Senior Pastor
The Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church
Harrisburg, PA

"The message of this book is simple but practical!

It contains leadership principals which can be applied to virtually every area of ministry in the church."

aRev. Charles E. Mock
Executive Secretary, Home Mission Board

The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
Nashville, TN

"An enlightening, empowering and enjoyable read!

Joe Robinson has performed the work of a superb archeologist. Using his rich experience as a spade and his academic knowledge as a shovel, he has unearthed golden nuggets of truth in his seven vital principles of leadership development from a Biblical perspective. A must read for both pastors and lay persons interested in discovering principles that le embedded in New Testament persons such as John the Baptist."

aDr. Theodore H. Poister
Professor of Public Policy
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA

"Cutting through the mystique and mania surrounding the cult of leadership.

Joe Robinson looks to the "wild man" at the origin of Christianity, John the Baptist, as an exemplar of seven very straightforward yet profound imperatives that provide a foundation on which one can develop effective leadership capabilities. This engagingly written short book offers inspiration along with sound advice for leaders in the making in any walk of life."

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